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Tigrane Hadengue and Michka Seeliger-Chatelain created Mama Publishing in 2012 in Spain, to be a sister company to Mama Editions, which they founded in 2000 in Paris, France.

After twenty-two years of experience and 100 International titles (more than 756,000 copies sold), Mama Editions evolved into Mama Publishing for the publication of international reference books especially designed for high-tech and urban gardening, as well as organic and outdoor plant cultivation.

Mama Publishing has published Hydroponics for Everybody, by William Texier, a richly illustrated bible of hydroponic gardening that has been published into nine languages and two formats, and Jorge Cervantes’ Indoor Horticulture, a worldwide reference for indoor gardening, available in three languages and three formats, and also The Organic Grow Book, published in five languages.

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Weed Productions

Weed Productions is one of the leading audiovisual production companies in the Spanish-speaking market. Creators of Undergrow tv, Cáñamo tv, Top Cannabis, and the Weed Expo Experience app, which have hundreds of thousands of followers. We have been creating cannabis-themed audiovisual material since 2013.

Our goal has always been to create all kinds of content, both for users and for those interested in the plant, its properties or the economic sector derived from it. Thus, we make educational videos that try, on the one hand, to inform about the use of cannabis in all its aspects and, on the other, to be entertaining and even funny. We are also an excellent promotion platform for any brand in the sector, using their advertising in our publications or, directly, creating specific content for them.

And in this sense, we also function as audiovisual producer platform that generates any type of autonomous action directly for the brand networks. We can help you in the creation of videos, designs, photographs, animations or any type of creativity.

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BeLeaf Magazine is the quarterly magazine that tells the world of hemp and sustainable lifestyles. An extremely specialized target audience and widespread distribution in all Italy’s GrowShops, in many Hemp Shops and in the newsstands of the 50 main Italian cities, make BeLeaf Magazine a unique point of reference for the hemp market in Italy. An essential showcase in the sector to present new products. A hub for everyone where all the nuances related to the plant find their place: from medical cannabis to industrial, from food to textiles, from cultivation techniques to green building, from the issues of anti-prohibitionist movements to legislative issues.

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Created in 2015, Newsweed is today the leading media in France on legal and worldwide cannabis news.
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Clutch Magazine

From its surprise appearance in September 2012 in Toulouse, the pocket format of Clutch magazine quickly won over a wide range of readers, from the simply curious to the dedicated collector. This enthusiastic attachment has meant that the «cultural label» has quickly created a place of its own in Toulouse.

This is thanks to its openness to the diversity of cultural offerings: visual art, live performance and music make up its most dense sections, punctuated by openings on literature, cinema, and a city guide (the «Lieux clutchés»). But the added value of Clutch comes above all from its assertive editorial line.

Clutch has always supported artistic discoveries by favouring proximity, for example through the covers and portfolios of mainly local artists, expected each month, but also through its journalistic work. Thematic issues, investigations, reports, interviews or columns: Clutch stands out by imposing a tone and an approach that speak to its attentive and demanding readers.


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