Turbulence will perform exclusively this Saturday 10th September with the same band as Anthony B at the Expogrow Music Festival in Irun together with Iseo & Dodosound and the French musicians French Touch Squad. The organization has made an important effort so that the musician can replace him and come expressly from Jamaica, due to the impossibility of the singer to leave the country.


Today, at 12:00, the press conference to present Expogrow took place, chaired by Javier González and Fermín Les. There are only a few days left!


French Touch Squad, Anthony B and Iseo & Dodosound will star in our festival this year. Get your tickets now.


Over the weekend, we will have talks on cannabis legislation by Luz Verde Partido Cannábico

Iseo & Dodosound confirmed for the Music Festival

The duo from Navarre, who have created a unique musical combination of sweet but resounding vocals and reggae rhythms with hip hop and dub flavours, will be at the festival.

French Touch Squad to the music festival

French Touch Squad is a powerful group formed by 9 leading French urban-reggae scene musicians, led by international hip hop activist DJ Keshkoon




This year’s Gold Sponsors are Sensi Seeds; Silver Sponsors are The Pure Factory, Pure LED and Monkey Soil

Exhibitors and Growshops

Take a look at this year’s list of Professionals and Growshops already accredited.

Music Festival Tent Sponsor

This year, we have Biobizz as Sponsor for our famous Music Festival Tent.

Expogrow Press Release

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in contacting you. It is true that we have needed an important time to think about this great project which is Expogrow.

Expogrow has been a personal experience for us, that has tried to go beyond a mere form of business. As professionals in this sector, our Fair has wanted to develop as a deep and analytical experience. We thought that we did it taking care of every detail. For this reason and for everyone, we added other complementary elements, but no less important and that made Expogrow a totally unique and different event: We were the first where the fun in the form of concerts merged with the fair, we were lucky to see groups like: MAREA, MORODO, LEE SCRATCH PERRY, CYPRESS HILL, ALAMEDADOSOULNA, LANGUI, MUCHACHITO BOMBO INFERNO, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, EMIR KUSTURICA AND THE NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA, ISEO & DODOSOUND, FRENCH TOUCH SQUAD and many more, that although we did not mention were there, giving us unforgettable moments, to involve the public and make this event more attractive if possible. The talks and colloquiums with leading figures of the international scene with relevant personalities from the world of science, culture, medicine, law, cannabis activism, etc. …. to help us clarify many of the doubts that exist in this world of ours and try to achieve common goals in this complex and great fight where we are all immersed. We managed to do fun activities and others that perhaps were not so much fun.

But we cannot forget that this project, so intimate for us, would not have been possible without you.

We have had ups and downs, years with success and others not so much, as in these last two editions, where the public was not enough to meet our expectations. An audience that is another important and necessary pillar in events of this type. But we must be consistent with the current situation, since the last edition, a true reflection of the moment our sector was going through, both at European level and more specifically in France, we experienced a more than remarkable drop in attendance. We are aware that, although we have put all our will and efforts, we may have made some mistakes and for this we must apologize. However, we have felt your empathy, support and closeness, which has made us feel that we have developed a close and respectful relationship and therefore in this reality we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from the soul for your support in these 10 editions of laughter and great moments.

Hoping for your understanding, we have taken a hard decision, complicated and at the same time necessary: To put a point and apart, a pause, a time of reflection in this 2023. Now it comes a time to rethink our future with a new team full of enthusiasm to innovate while maintaining the roots of quality of this project.

Because Expogrow will continue… it is only a pause, a parenthesis, but by no means an end.

You are our basic pillar, the great family of Expogrow, one of the «classiest» fairs on the international scene. Without you nothing would have been possible and therefore, we can only thank you infinitely and say: See you soon! …

9th and 10th of september 2022

The Great Cannabis Trade Fair will take place on the second weekend of September

After almost two years of social and economic turmoil due to this pandemic that never seems to go away, we believe it’s time to return with the most fun, innovative, and successful fair on the international trade fair scene. Since our last edition in April 2019, we decided to take a break in 2020, and since then, Expogrow has been on standby for more than 2 years.

However, this communication is to inform you that we are returning to our original date for Expogrow 2022. The first Expogrow in 2012 was held in September, and in 2022, it will be again. On the 9th and 10th of September at the FICOBA exhibition centre in Irún (Guipúzcoa), business opportunities, B2B meetings, discussions, innovation, fun, and music
will be back, thanks to Expogrow 2022. It will be a special year for us; with this 9th edition of Expogrow, we will be celebrating 10 years since the fair’s inception!

HOW to attend Expogrow


The Expogrow exhibition area occupies a surface of 5.000 m2 distributed in 4 pavilions with more than 160 stands.

Don’t miss this business opportunity and book your stand before they are gone.


Do you work in the cannabis industry? This edition will open you the doors to this industry as no other Fair has done it before.

Non-professional visitors

To know more before anyone else the 8th edition programme, SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER.

A unique environment

Expogrow will take place on the 9th and 10th of September 2022 in IRÚN (Euskadi), a city by the Bay of Txingudi where the sea, rivers and mountains converge.

By the Bidasoa Estuary, it’s a natural border between Spain and France, a gateway to Europe through the Basque Country.

Euskadi is also world renowned for its food and a wide range offer of open air activities and landscapes.

Closer than you think...

By car

Irun is only 20 minutes drive from San Sebastián.

About 4 hours drive from Madrid and 6 if you come from Barcelona.

Thinking about sharing a vehicle? It’s even cheaper.

Ficoba parking is for free.

Ready for a road trip?

By plane

Did we say we have San Sebastian International Airport (EAS) at just 2 km away?

That means you have cheap direct flights coming from main cities.

Flying from Madrid or Barcelona it’s just about one hour.

There are two bus lines from the airport and trains that will leave you at Ficoba.

By bus

If you don’t want to drive, then bus is for you.

From Madrid or Barcelona, it’s 6 or 7 hours by bus. Just enough time to check the schedule and take a nap to arrive on top form to enjoy the fair.

If you live closer, you’re almost there: from Vitoria-Gasteiz it’s just 1 hour and a half, Bilbao is 2 hours and from San Sebastián, it’s just half an hour by the E26 bus.

By train

Irún is known as «the city of transport», thanks to its strategical location halfway Madrid and Paris.

With Renfe, direct connections from: Madrid (6-7 hours), Barcelona (7-8 hours) or Vitoria-Gasteiz (2 hours).

The Euskotren has a stopover in Ficoba. It comes from the French city of Hendaya to San Sebastián and Bilbao.



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